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"PANGKUAN TEMPLE" or "CANDI PANGKUAN" (Hold in lap of Temple), this is a very small of Temple, possible this is smallest of temple in the world, Differ from existing the other temple, "PANGKUAN TEMPLE" only made from ONE STONE. The area  which located in Countryside of Cilibur, sector of Paguyangan, Regent of Brebes, Province of Central Java, Postal Code 52276. It's a represent evidence fossil of past in one of the place in Indonesia.

This is temple truthfully, it's only a little stone of the size 20cm x 20cm x 50 cm, referred as lap temple caused by trust that who can it's true this temple, hence he will be very rich

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Trust a period of ago, which is stream of animisme and of dinamisme, who can do penance, meditation, sit within crossing legs on this chair as made of stone.

at the same time he true lap this Temple during for 40 day 40 night, it is said he will become one who successful in life. But that confidence have vanished, along come confidence him which the most correctness, Islam teaching, and nowadays, society around this temple, 100% embracing religion of Islam. But Islam people here still respect and assume that temple as historic ommission.

Which become separate fascination is that temple encircled by old forest which pertained as preserve.

"PANGKUAN TEMPLE" and the old forest have encircled, never defect in the  history book. Probably cause this Temple very small and old forest which pertained as preserve encircled it, only about 4000 squar metres, and that position far from downtown, it’s also don't have organization which handling with the formal legal, but it's situation still maintained is good enough.

"PANGKUAN TEMPLE" Location encircled by old forest in the middle settlement

some tree collapse, not cause of act of human being, but cause influence of age

The encircled old forest which around “PANGKUAN TEMPLE” which encircled of the funeral public of local residents. In it full of the old grove, like a wilderness, there are also the ommission some old funeral, possible corpse its contents one who at the past time dwell on that place. also there are arranged stones, big possibility at past time it’s used for have meditation. So that assumed this “PANGKUAN TEMPLE”  as a sacral place. Possible everlasting supporting of that preserve it.

PANGKUAN TEMPLE assumed as a sacral place, cause in it there are old funeral and  encircled by funerals.

Which make unique from the “PANGKUAN TEMPLE” dwelt by some monkey, it’s amount around 100 monkeys, and more interesting in tens of year, monkeys which remain there its amount always stabilize, like undiminished and not also increase, stabilize ini amount around one hundred monkeys

in it PANGKUAN TEMPLE residence a group of monkeys.

The Position of “PANGKUAN TEMPLE”, on 600m above sea level, with air temperature 25o celcius at any day, and 22o celcius at any night. A place of cold enough it is of course. Geographical position reside at -7.255670, 109.061186

Cause Position “PANGKUAN TEMPLE” on west-halp of Central Java Province, If guruKATRO visitor will go to the “PANGKUAN TEMPLE”, if coming from north direction, recognize Tegal town on Central Java or Cirebon town on West Java, if coming from south direction, recognize Cilacap town or Purwokerto town on Central Java. At distance 60 km to south from Tegal town, or at distance 70 km to north from Cilacap town, there are a small sector town by name of Bumiayu

or see this map

If coming to Bumiayu town, to go to the “PANGKUAN TEMPLE”  from Bumiayu must going 8 km to east direction, with last 4 km quality of road which not too good. It’s the mountain road, most in the form of go up  which is precipitous enough, but still in peaceful category

Lets, who hanker to come to “PANGKUAN TEMPLE”, possible simply seeing and enjoying view, or farther with a purpose to perform a research.

That way posting about “PANGKUAN TEMPLE”, hopefully can deliver benefit, and hopefully there are party which a inspiration to conduct furthermore research.

Apologize if the structure language is not true, hope enunciated, cause guruKATRO is an original of indonesian primitive.

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